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Jamie Lee Curtis probably said it best: "After her soul, the first thing I check out
in a woman are her eyebrows
."  Permanent eyebrows is a highly sought after
permanent cosmetics procedure and it is easy to understand why. The eyebrows
"frame" the face and proper eyebrow shape can take years off your appearance.
Unfortunately, eyebrow application is usually the most difficult and time consuming
daily makeup to apply.  Women who have invested in permanent eyebrows
appreciate the smear proof, hassle-free, moisture proof coloring it provides.
Permanent eyebrows allows women the freedom to "wake up with makeup" and get
a head start on their day!

Permanent Eyebrow benefits:

Women with active lifestyles wanting the timesaving
convenience from the daily routine of applying make-up

Women who have difficulty applying make-up because
of poor vision or physical limitations

Anyone wanting to save money from cosmetic

Women who have had the procedure comment that if they would have known
how convenient it is not to worry that their brows would melt away during the
day, they would have had the procedure done long ago.

Permanent eyebrows is the cosmetic line of the future!  Isn't it time you threw
away your eyebrow pencils?

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Women whose brow makeup smears or smudges on
hot days

Athletic women who want a radiant, carefree look
while exercising

Men and women who suffer from eyebrow hair loss
or who have sparse or fair eyebrows

Women allergic to cosmetics or whose skin tends to
absorb or change the quality and color of their make-up